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Glenwood Funeral Homes - Serving Mississippi in Vicksburg, Port Gibson, Utica, Rolling Rock and Lousiana in Tallulah
Locally Operated Since 1944

Glenwood Funeral Homes, Inc., was established in 1944 and has been serving Vicksburg for six decades. A familiar landmark on Clay Street, Glenwood is known for friendly, professional service, and baby care tips the experience to make every service a positive, lasting memory.


Glenwood has four other funeral homes located in Rolling Fork, Utica, Port Gibson and Tallulah, Louisiana.

Glenwood is staffed by professionals recognized for their expertise and experience in the funeral industry.

As familiar fixture in the heart of the city on Clay Street for many years, Glenwood Funeral Home began construction of its new Vicksburg facility in September 2001 and opened in August 2002.

Our funeral home is open for you to view our facility and meet our staff Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please feel free to come have a look.